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This site is dedicated to Lyndon V. "Bud" Collins, his fellow crewmembers and all B-24 crewmembers of World War Two.  

Photo courtesy of Howard L. Davis (Flak Happy) from Brief, a wartime 7th AAF Newspaper

The Lemon? takes off of Kwajalein sometime between February and May 5, 1944, when it was lost over Truk Atoll during a night raid.  

All crewmembers were reported MIA.




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I am hoping to find more information on 7th AAF, 11th Bomb Group, 42nd Bomber Squadron(Feb. 1944-March 1944) and for 7th AAF, 30th Bomb Group, 27th Bomber Squadron(April 1944-May 5,1944). I will also share what I have learned to hopefully make your search a little easier.

Many thanks to Roger Woo, Howard Davis and others for their input for this site.  Also to the many veterans who gave their time and lives to defend our country.

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